Create Mexican Stories with Art


What you'll do

Welcome to this artistic space where you are going to create extraordinary stories with traditional Mexican handcrafts. In this online experience, we are not only going to tell stories, we are going to create them! You will learn abstract art and collage techniques! Explore my culture trough art! We will start by painting amazing and personalized papers! You will do it with acrylic paints, markers, watercolor or any type of paint that you have at home. I also will give you some tips to make textures in the paper and personalized them. The most amazing thing about this online experience is that you can use all the RECYCLED paper and material that you have at home. If you do not have a white paper you can use magazines, newspapers, old notebooks or any material that you have. I will show you how to create a Mexican scenario and characters of a story with paper! Let's create a new world with paper! And let's do it with people all around the world! This experience is for everybody but I might warn you that kids are always invited. if you would like to take just and adult session please write so you can sign up in an "only adults group" If you are part of the homeschooling community you will have 1 hour to learn about: -Mexican culture: how is like to live in Mexico and our traditions -Art techniques: learn abstract art to express yourself -Final project!
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